Active Mods?!
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Active Mods?!
Missouri, USA

Hi, I was wondering what happened to the moderators because I had been waiting for around a month to see if a run of mine gotten verified. I mean I’m not the only person in the community who is waiting for a run to get verified. So what happened to the mods here? (Side Note: I tried to DM them but they never responded back to the messages.)


This happened to me in another game. You have to contact SRC staff and tell them that the mods are inactive and u tried to communicate with them. They will probably make you the new mod.

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I just saw their profiles and it seems they are fairly active in the platform, so maybe they will verify you runs soon.

Oregon, USA

My apologies, been caught up with other stuff. All runs submitted should be verified now.

I keep getting an error that I need to be logged in to submit a run. I am logged in.