Star Fox 64 Any% Guide

By MrMilanesMrMilanes. Last updated

Disclaimer: This guide was created using notes taken from LylatR's mock tutorial then conferring with LylatR to make sure what was written was correct.

General Information

Timer starts once you gain control of your ship in Corneria.
End a split when you go to the main map
Level path should be: Corneria -> Meteo -> Katina ->Sector X -> Sector Z -> Bolse -> Venom 1
Half boost during on-rails.
Quarter boost during all-range mode.


Get 1st Arwing L, get the bomb before the checkpoint
Get Bomb during Falco chase
Get 2nd Arwing L during pre-boss forest section
Line up a bit above the middle tree before cutscene to hit the boss’s leg and then back


Get no yellow Slippy health early
Have 7 bombs pre-warp
Kill Peppy during fight, when he’s flying off-screen.
Don’t get hit during circular enemy formation
Go for warp
Don’t boost right away when you warp.
Full boost towards end of warp section.


Brake when starting the stage, get 10 kills using bomb and shots on pyramid.
Haul ass towards ship.
Clip through ship, launching bombs inside. If you can’t bomb the underside of the ship.
If you trigger the cutscene:
0-1 hatches: Kill yourself. When you spawn, the hatches will be open. Bomb the left or right hatch and shoot the other 3. Bomb the core.
2-3 hatches: Hatches will open right after the cutscene. Kill them and bomb the core.
4 hatches: Bomb the core.

Switch route to Sector X

Get some hits on Falco
Bomb if you have it when Falco says “enemy group behind us”. Cockpit and look to the left upon abundance of enemies
Charge shot on 3 middle enemies when they pop up
Kill Peppy (voluntary, doesn’t really matter much)
Go left at the fork.
With opening and closing doors, cockpit, look up, and smash through 2 doors.
Get warp.
Hold C left during start to boost buffer
Cockpit during spiral and look away from pillars

Sector Z

Kill teammates
Zoom out at the start
Be on the south side of the Great Fox when the missile hits. If you’re inside the Great Fox, it seems to reduce lag.


Kill all towers as fast as possible, going clockwise
Get behind two towers and unlocked charge shot satellites to get extra points
Kill more things (need 10 points after cutscene to trigger middle pillar)
Kill the yellow middle tower patches, brake if necessary to do it one swoop. Start with the nodes on the right first.

Venom 1

Get 1st Arwing L, get 2nd Arwing L
Route is left -> left -> left
When pillars fall go all the way right and R-tilt
Go in between pillar explosions
Shoot Golemech’s shoulders first
Cockpit during Golemech death scene, boost when red flash happens.
If full health smash through 4th door
Cockpit during initial Andross animation
Shoot his left eye -> right hand -> left hand -> then shoot his eye again until he freaks out
Cockpit upon freak out, count 5 explosions, then shoot and bomb for the kill. Hitbox is cheeks, not middle of face.