Hello, welcome to the Sonic Fan Games series.
6 years ago

HyperSonic7701/OverlordKaiba has stepped down, so I stepped up to take his place and also gave the board a nice fresh look instead of the plain black.

There are a few things I want to point out to you all when you get the chance:

  • I have created a Discord server since Hyper removed his own. If you really feel inclined, you may visit it here: https://discord.gg/FeAQ8du But don't feel like you need to be there. I can assign you community channels in there too if need be.
  • I've considered Sonic ROM hacks, and have decided on this: If you want to run ROM hacks, why not make a ROM Hack series? https://www.speedrun.com/super_metroid_rom_hacks It's not like you can't do this. =P
  • In case anyone new to the concept of a series asks, I do not moderate the games themselves. Those are moderated by their own communities, big or small.

This thread will probably be visible once the forum bug is fixed.

You are free to comment on any of the changes, including the new theme.

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