Team Rose Extended mod speedruns?
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I originally posted this on the Sonic Heroes forums, and while it couldn't go on there because the use of mods, it was suggested that I bring it up here, too.

Original post: So.. I've been playing through and doing a few speedruns of this mod, and I was wondering if other people who run this game, what few there are, would be interested in it?

There's a few pointers that you might need to know though:

  • Use of Amy's hammer floating is CRITICAL for several levels, including Final Fortress.
  • TRE's Power Plant, Hang Castle, and Mystic Mansion are all edited versions of TR's original levels. However, the checkpoints after where the initial goal ring was in PP and MM DO NOT WORK PROPERLY. So if you die after it, you'll get sent back to before the second elevator in PP and before the Skeleton room in MM. Also the entire first half of PP does NOT have a single checkpoint, making the level an early game run killer.
  • In Mystic Mansion, it's entirely possible to go Team Chaotix's route instead of Team Sonic/Dark's route to the trials room. It cuts out about a minute and a half in time.

Link to the mod:

Some runs of the game can be seen on my channel.

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