"Red Ball 2" and "Red and Blue Balls" names
1 year ago
New York, USA

you answered your own question

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Distrito Federal, Brazil

Ok, just for curiosity.

Queensland, Australia

what is this thread

Distrito Federal, Brazil

OH YEAH I forgot to tell this, what happened is that I was going to edit my post, but I am an idiot so I accidentally deleted it.

This thread exists because I was confused because in the leaderboards, the name of Red Ball 2 is just "Red Ball 2" instead of "Red Ball 2: The King", which is the full name of the game. Same thing with Red and Blue Balls 1, which is just called "Red and Blue Balls" instead of "Red and Blue Balls: Treasure Island". In the post I asked if this was because shorter names would make easier for the games to be find, looked into, or managed.

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