Different category discussions
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Different category discussions
Texas, USA

For anyone that is interested in or currently running this game and reading this thread, I will compile information related to any categories that we decide is worth running. Currently, the only category that is worth running is Any% due to the simple nature of the main game's story.

The current Any% route is simple enough - progress the story and kill Sosa in Bolivia. We're required to get some collectibles along the way (Exotics) but are not required to do things the game tracks otherwise.

The few things the game does track - number of gang spawns left in each of the four zones, the amount of exotics owned, and gaining the Femme Fatales. The gang spawns aren't able to be tracked through the statistics menu. Exotics show up on the statistics screen as x/105 and are easy to manually sift in the Exotics menu. Femme Fatales are a by product of having enough overall balls (which are tracked on the statistics screen) and the missions are given when you reach the thresholds. They are also tracked manually at the mansion. Femme Fatale% also has the problem of whether or not to include secondary completion at the Mansion for reaching the secondary Balls thresholds.

With these given variables, the only one I can see being okay as a misc category would be Exotics%. It would require you to do drug runs to get enough money for all exotics. You wouldn't be required to finish the game, just finish buying off the exotics.

The other categories - Gang Spawn%, Femme Fatale%, and possibly combining those with Exotics% to make 100% just seem like a nightmare to route. The gang spawns are not easily tracked and finding optimal routes would be difficult. Femme Fatale% can possibly be combined with Exotics% due to the amount of balls you gain from doing drug runs.

Anyway, I'm open to discussion from anyone that is actively running or looking to run in the immediate future after they read this thread.

São Paulo, Brazil

Hi, i'd like to suggest the Races. Maybe something like complete all the races in the regions like North Miami, The Islands etc or by individual races, idk. I could help if it is of interest :)

Indiana, USA

Can we get an all collectibles run? Cars, investments all that stuff

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