Strat finding and route improvements
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Strat finding and route improvements

Post any strats you may find here.

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Hello fellow Scarface enthusiasts, this is my first post here, I have a few strats/improvement:

Some weapons can be accessed early in the game: saw, ak47 and mac10, the saw from the chopper that follows you during the mission Gaspar Gomez, you can exit the truck during the mission after the chopper explodes or after the mission ends during the drive to little havana. Saw is useful in general, but it is critical for the oakley drive mission. ak and mac can be obtained from the driver, by calling a car as the diver, putting them in the trunk, switching back to Tony and picking them from the trunk.

During little havana distro, the best route is to go straight to oakley through the destructible wall between the storage and oakly, cabana and then pedro's, this is a shorter drive with more money.

In downtown storage, it is ideal to have a full balls meter at the roof, this way you can activate rage mode and jump down immediately, and shoot during the fall down animation, this way the enemies don't run far and are easily killed spawning the chopper faster.

After unlocking the islands, small suppliers can be avoided by going to the islands, this way a large supplier of at least 50K will spawn, but there are no way of rerolling which one you get (to my knowledge).

During the mission deliver, you can head straight to little havana after reaching downtown storage, there is no check to see if you head towards industrial park.

During peninsula lounge, the boat chase cut scene forces an ak on you, you can drop your asault rifle before chasing the boat to get it back, also a gunboat can be called.

you can level up your rep level in venus bar, this can skip a trip to your house before nacho mission.

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Lots of "protips". Enjoy. ;-)

notes: timestamp 4:07 - it's actually ~$40-90k, not 100k timestamp 5:35 - this turf also gives you about ~$40-90k ;-)

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Just as a heads up, there is a treasure island out in the keys somewhere where you can make 1m in about 4 mins maybe less so does that count as a strat? 🤔

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another variation - SAW picked up in little havana

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A silly strat for Pensisula Lounge mission

  • I drive this specific car because of its height (allows me to shoot the dirty cop, prolly there's a better car to do it lol)
  • I don't need to worry about dying from these gang members who are patrolling the boat, also the cop is just chilling in one spot so i only need to hold left click lol
  • It's recommended to use SAW for the first part of the mission, though after getting to the parked boat you'd lose this rifle, it'd change automatically to AK-47. In this strat I put SAW to the weapon locker, since I can't use it as a drive-by weapon anyways - so I am perfectly fine :)
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Forgot to post it there so here it is: Finish a mission in a car to be safe, or start shooting right after the mission to "hold" the call (Thanks dynamicearth78!). Start the distribution as usual. After finishing the distribution, drive somewhere into the water. Leave the car and teleport to the islands. Don't escape the car while mid-air, as you may accidentally answer the call that way. That's it! The phone call should skip automatically after doing so. These steps should also work for other "unskippable" phone calls as well.

for future readers of this thread who are not on the discord server yet, you should join ;)

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