Consistent Final Zone 1:11 Manipulation
Consistent Final Zone 1:11 Manipulation
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  • Get the fastest 1:12 load, by pausing enough times that the boss loads instantly. The starting pattern will be piston 2 (Eggman inside) and piston 4 (Eggman not inside).

  • When Eggman rises out of the second piston, attack the boss as early as possible.

  • While Eggman has been hit and invulnerable, attack him again. It has to be on his attackable hitbox and not the piston itself. You can tell that you've hit him a second time as Sonic will recoil backwards when he is struck.

  • The new pattern from the first hit to the 8th will be 2, 2, 1, 3#, 2, #2, 2, 4. The # indicates that you will want to be on that side of the piston to avoid piston 2 and 3 raising and cutting off half of the arena until they have lowered, so for 3# stay on the right, and for #2 stay on the left.

  • Since the final hit is on the 4th, it is in the perfect position to allow for the roll jump timesave to take place.