i think i need some help ...GHZ ACT 1 /24sec...
1 year ago

Hello everyone! I'm new here ,not only on this website but also on speedrunning in general . I started playing my childhood games, in this case Sonic The Hedgehog , and i'm having some difficulty to reach 24 sec on GHZ act 1. My best time ever was 00:25.03 but when i think i might reach it, i just simply can't . I'll leave here a youtube link to the lower time i recorded today so you can check it out and give me some feedback so i can improve myself. Thanks in advance !!

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Anglesey, Wales

Definitely 0:24 pace, it probably would have been if you had jumped a frame later after the S tunnel. For 0:24, along with a good loop, it's ideal if you can land as close as possible to the edge of the ledge to carry as much speed as possible. It's not necessary to get a good ledge, but it pretty much carries any shortfalls earlier in the level.

Checkpoint is around the pace that you want it, ideally a 0:14.00 or better. I think there's 1-2 frames of timeloss somewhere but nothing stands out as incorrect so it's probably just rare bad luck. Loop was good enough for 0:24, there are faster speeds that you can get from it but that's not something you can manipulate. Keep playing like that and you should have it soon.

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Thanks for the reply and tips! I will try my best to jump a little bit later after the S tunnel so i can keep a good speed and with that maybe reach further without losing speed so soon. I’m trying my best to reach the checkpoint a little behind the 14sec mark but where i have more problems is in the three loop jump as they seem to be quite precise, sometimes i’m doing it very fast indeed that i die right before the end of the second tunnel with 18/19 seconds. I have counter that issue with a simple tap left on the first tunnel but ended allways hitting the wall before the final crab.. maybe just need a really good run with a little luck i guess. Btw i am portuguese so sometimes i might write something weird or wrong. I apologise for that…

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