Where to find help for learning to run
7 years ago
Indiana, USA

Hey, I'm pretty interested in learning the game (Specifically either a Ruby or Blake run) but can't find any resources for either of those since the old runs got deleted apparently. Is there a place I could go to for some help on this, or any videos explaining those specific characters' tech and routes? Thanks in advance.

Wisconsin, USA

We do have a discord for new runners if you would like to learn which is found in our Resources section of our page or using this link here https://discord.gg/w969hb4 . We always welcome new runners since we love seeing our community expand.

Texas, USA

Yeah! We love new runners :) i use to run myself! But I dont anymore, someone who knows the game very well in current patch would be StativXyw so I would recommend trying to talk to him since he knows it better than any if us do!

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