1 Star explained
1 Star explained
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This category involves runners entering the last level as soon as they start the game, skipping the need to collect any of the 15 stars to open the door to the last world. While runners initially tried to wall clip through the door, it was soon found that you could simply turn on Shift Lock and touch the trigger from the side, making the run way easier.

The way this works is that every trigger that leads you to a world is always active, even when you don't have enough stars to open the door. So if the player is able have their hitbox touch the trigger, the game won't question how you got there and simply teleport you where it tells you to.

Next is the spring. Due to the game being over 12 years old as of writing, the physics have not aged well. And as such, the spring can often be annoying to those who just want to get up and proceed with the level. However, as Direnta's guide shows, wedging yourself between the wall and the spring, while not as fast, is slightly more consistent.

The runner then plays the level pretty normally until they reach the Evil Robloxian. To be honest, I still have yet to beat him without dying. Thankfully, you can ignore him entirely by moving around his trigger to attack and wall clipping through the door to the final scene.

Just collect the last star next to the Mayor and Prof. Welden and you have just beaten the game with only 1 of the intended 16 stars.

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