Ceiling Lag Clip
3 years ago
United States

So this a new strat where you can lag clip through the ceiling into the Sandy Robloxians lair. It's very hard, and I haven't been able to find a way to make it consistent yet. Right now to get it you just have to kind of wing it. If you don't know how to lag clip, you just briefly click and drag your cursor from the minimize button at the top right corner of your screen to wherever on the screen. This clip doesn't actually save much time either, I think a few seconds max. Although it can save more time then in the video if you clip into the lair closer to where the door is. By the way you might be asking "Why not just clip into the lair behind the door so you can the star immediately?". Well turns out I haven't been able to do that yet (I think it's because the ceiling over the star room is thicker). Oh and I haven't tested it but maybe you can clip through the star room door too before the boss kills you?

Also the same clip can be done in Sky World, but I'm almost certain it won't save any time

Anyways the desert clip is extremely hard, I know I personally won't be doing it until I've got no time anywhere else to shave. If anyone finds a setup for this to do this (even a visual cue or something), please let me know, thx.

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California, USA

wow nice work but the game is kinda dead, all 3 of the mods haven't been on in months.

United Kingdom

sad direnta noises

Saskatchewan, Canada

nice work on this game!

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