PSXjin 2.0.2 help
2 years ago
Kent, England

Hi guys , sorry if this has already been answered but I am having issues setting up psxjin with my win10 machine.

I want to use a dualshock 4 but in the controller mapping settings every time I click a button I wish to map it wont let me map it. I even tried mapping with a keyboard to test and it comes up with the same key being pressed. I think for some reason my mouse is getting mapped instead of any other key..

Is there a fix for this?



Hello. If you're using PSXjin 2.0.2 there's no fix because you can't change the controller plugin in PSXjin 2.0.2 aswell in 2.0.1. Download version 2.0 ( and the Lilypad plugin ( It's usually used for PCSX2 but is also used for PS1 Emulators too. Hope this solved your problem. :‎ )

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