NG+ Glitchless?
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Is there any plan in the future to add this category? I was a bit disappointed when I noticed most of the top NG+ times are glitched runs. That's cool, but not my thing, and I thought maybe others might appreciate it as well.

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@WeFlopYT Nothing is stopping you from doing those except yourself. Iv already been doing them. The games still new and we're still growing and setting things up. Just do ur runs or w.e and then maybe ask. Can't just add everything to the board all at once without thought and proof of concept at the very least etc.

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At the time we haven't really seen any expressed interest in a glitchless category for any of the categories. If there's a a real interest from the community to make glitchless categories a thing, I'd be happy to make that happen. However as it is right now with every category also having 3 sub categories I feel like it'd just be a bit too overwhelming. As MASH says you are free to do glitchless runs and upload them to the current categories. But then state in the comment that it is a glitchless run. If I'm not completely misstaken we could then transfer the run onto a glitchless leaderboard if/when that has been created!

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You can later move them fairly easily down the road so long as category structure and variables are setup in a proper way that makes sense, at least from my experience with maintaining leaderboards over the years.

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Awesome, thanks for the info! I did label the timer that it was glitchless for our coop. I will label them like you suggested when soloing. I figured if no one had expressed interest I would show some :). Thanks everyone for the loving reception to the community!

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I would like to order some categories without glichts pls

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@NATHANBDR Rather then waste time saying you want empty categories to be added, why not do the runs so there is something to put in them and work from?

No one's stopping you from doing glitchless runs except you.

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@ekiy there will eventually be a category if enough people wanna do it, just because there isn't a category at the moment, doesn't mean you can't get WR. You can optimize it all you want but until there is a high demand for it, there isn't much point of having the category if there will only be 1 or 2 runs

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The only incentives you should ever need to speedrun a particular game is that you want to and like doing it.

All other reasons are pretty much pointless and silly for the most part.

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Well sounds like your not in the proper mindset for speedrunning in the first place and should go find some other hobby to spend your time on.

Self-gratification and determination for improvement is the only real reason people speedrun games in general let only play/enjoy them.

I'm personally not interested in glitched runs either so I don't see where your trying to take this. Even if there is no category listed here nothing is stopping you from doing a run and posting/sharing it in the forums or elsewhere except yourself.

You could have done plenty of runs by now instead of complaining about something with silly reasoning.

Speaking for myself I don't care if I get a WR and pretty sure the large majority of us don't either but will try and should their be real competition then maybe there will be a reason for the category to exist here.

Go ask any community if you'd like not every category is going to be listed because they mainly are not competitive to start with.

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