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3 years ago

This has been posted about in the Discord, but I'm posting about it here aswell. In short we're starting a sort of Community challenge every once in a while where you'll be doing a speedrun under a specific set of rules. To start with I've mushed together a ruleset for a Summoner Challenge and the rules can be read bellow. Resources will be posted in the Discord so join that if you're interesting in participating!

Summoner Challenge

The challenge is to beat the provided pre generated campaign with only summons in a speedrun fashion. Time starts as per usual NG+ rules. Time stops at killing Dreamer

No shooting No melee No flops No skips

Your only source of damage will be from the provided list of mods

Allowed damage mods

  • Iron Sentinel
  • Beckon
  • Rattle Weed
  • Seeker
  • Very Good Boy
  • Tentacle Shot
  • Seed Caller
  • Rift Walker You're still allowed to use non damage mods such as Mender's Aura

Any armor allowed, as long as you don't go into Ultra Heavy

Weapons can be whatever, just remember that if you're using tentacle shot you have to use Curse of the Jungle God

Automatic mod generation can be gained from wearing one piece of the cultist armor set, or wearing the Gift of the Iskal ring. Both are allowed at the same time.

Seed will be uploaded on September 13th (this sunday) at 2pm CEST which is when the challenge starts and it will end at September 20th (the next sunday). Seed will be accompanied with a Profile with most of the items of interest for a challenge like this. Just remember that if you use this to make a backup of your profile files which can be found in the same folder as your save_0.sav and save_0.bak files.

Edit: Found out that summons don't get Nightmare stacks making Nightmare basicly impossible. So run ends when Dreamer is killed.

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The seed is now available in the discord!

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