New game rules. Please answer
2 years ago

➤ Must create a new character, preorder content is allowed. All items used must be obtained during the run.

➤ Video proof of the entire run is required for ALL runs.

➤ Time starts on first in game input not including quit to menu. Time ends on Nightmare kill.

➤ Recording should include character creation for verification.

In other way i: Can use any item i obtain after i create a character? Which will mean i can use survival items, becouse they are bonded items, which mean i will get this items on new characters if i defeat enough bossess with other character.

Can i obtain items from adventure mode after creating character? Which mean i will obtain in mod for weapon then go into campaing. Time will still go forward after creating character.

Can i use other character with use of bug? Character will go to dreamer, but i will delete character, the time will go to 0, but i will be in dreamer will this be valid?

In third option i mean that the total time of character will go to 0, all items, traits and other stuff will dissapear but not teleports, which will allow me to be in dreamer in few seconds. Time will be from first input on creation of that character from deleting or before i delete it.

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Ontario, Canada

Bring the discussion to the discord community for the game. Demanding changes especially when you are very new to the game and the community is not a good look. The rules that are in place are ones set up by the community of active players as a whole.

Colorado, USA

It sounds like you want to run some sort of NG+. If your run doesn't follow the rules of the categories set in place, who cares? Run the video game as you like it, but don't expect the community to bend around what you think should be the standard. Speedrun for yourself.

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