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I've been grinding for sub 3 lately and recently I've found out I'm doing it with way too thin of a margin of error (even the tiniest mistake usually kills the run). I have my eye on resetless 10 as a possible buffer, but I'm way too inconsistent at it (I can set up the first corner boost OK but not the second). There has to be something I'm missing to make it RTA viable.

Something to help with 6 ramp double jump and that weird resetless 4 strat would help too


its just
first frame accel
jump on the right frame
release and repress w after 8 frames while in the air


Download the frame offset hack from the resources, and see the offset strings from the spreadsheet in the description of the hack in the resources
Press i, paste the string, and press o and press u so that the dots don't stack up

And if u need any other help, I'd suggest joining the discord and asking it there