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level 12 aswell

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Sub 13 Train ain't happening.
The first seven seconds is unskippable, with a spike ceiling that will kill you off if you dare to touch it, and then you'll only have six seconds to reach the flag, which currently is only barely possible for sub 15 train by holding right the entire time.

Till the day spike glitch for ceilings is found out, sub 13 (let alone sub 14) ain't happening for every stage.

(Ignoring Train, stages 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 17 haven't been done in under 13 seconds as of now according to the IL leaderboard)

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lvl 10
lvl 11
lvl 17
lvl 7
lvl 14
lvl 13

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But Can You Get Sub 14.5 Sec In All Levels?

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Level 10 is also currently effectively a hold right stage, with precise jump timing, with the current human IL Record being 17.5 seconds long. You would need to somehow save three seconds off that stage either by getting insanely fast speeds, or find another glitch to, say, skip to a later checkpoint or speed preservation. Neither of which ain't likely happening for humans, if not tases.

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currently the slowest IL with the TAS is level 7 with a 15.645, so maybe if we found a godlike box launch in 7 we could get all the TAS times sub 15, but probably not RTA, although its nice to think about 🙂

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bruh the person who made the forum deleted there message now i look like im a dumbass posting it

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