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Hey, new user. I have downloaded all the files in the "rules" category of this game on this site. I have gotten the definitive edition stuff and all that, but when I select "properties" for Red ball 1, I am unable to find a "change" button. I am not sure what casues this, but in the property section, next to the name of the file, the adobe logo has "pdf" instead of "swf" in the bottom right corner. I am not sure if this a glitch that happs whilst downloading (i have undownloaded and redownloaded these files a couple times before and have still gotten the same result), some sort of accident on my behalf, or if it was an accidental edit made by one of the moderators, but I would appreciate some help so I can get into speedrunning this game.



if you need i can give you a link that works perfectly and has all the red ball flash games, that might work


Okay, that'll be great, however I'd like it to be approved safe by a moderator in case I get any viruses.


how do you know he didnt even post the link lol


Never mind, yall! I just extracted (basically copied) the files, and now I have unlocked the change button! Thanks to those who tried to help!

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