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Today well doing Some il level speedruns I did this

A double jump!

How I did it: When Jumping I Released the Jump Button and right after Held it Again I thuought I has Messed up but Somehow Some Way I cleared thee Block and Comleted the level idk really wht happend but yeah
(Sorry For bad English)


Isn't this just a Red Ball Hack version? with the fonts for the levels and only 12 levels


@ChonkyPjonChonkyPjon I changed The Font Myself and It was A Earlyier Version of the game


what version is it? idk if its re-creatable on the definitive edition


its not recreatable on definitive, also stop running the game on a modified version

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It's cleary sages double jump mod because in the level select there are no numbers on the levels, and the time in between levels is much faster

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thats kinda what i thought, got excited for a second there


Holy Moly

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The funny part is that it has all the extra 'features' that I added into the dj mod like reduced level transition times, and the game starting with sound off. Also the level select screen being bugged lol (not a feature just happens with mods sometimes)


thats how debunked this incredibley difficult fake 😉