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Flower's 12 Levels run clocking in at 3:41 has raised a lot of suspicion ever since it was submitted.

The run description stated: "not a splice on 'Ninja on the bridge', just a reset so as not to die of spikes".

This immediately caused suspicion towards it, due to the comment seeming very defensive, and there being no need to reset there. The run wasn't properly investigated until today, and sadly the footage seems to be spliced on the very spot the runner mentioned in their description.

The music is always the same in the game, no matter how many times you reset, die etc. The way the splice was caught was by comparing the music to the second place run, where it skipped slightly ahead at that point.

The run is removed from the boards, but if Flower can provide a full local recording of this, or other definitive proof that the run is legitimate, it will be added back. If Flower is unable to do so, the run will remain absent from the boards.


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I just don't see why he wouldn't dig up any sort of local recording of attempts with an accusation like this. If I was ever proofcalled I would cover my ass so quickly. Flower has a lot of top times on flash games so having any sort of suspicion isn't good. I hope he has a better reply soon.

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I've looked at this run more in depth and do not see any issues with it. I lined up the unedited audio of the ingame music with the audio from flower's run and it was perfectly synced up. I also synced up the audio with SixRock's run and it also lined up perfectly. There does not seem to be anything wrong about flower's run, so I am considering re-verifying it.

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It has in fact been re-verified.

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Did someone remember this forum post? Flower don't even play this game anymore

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I remember it, because i watched the wr progression some weeks ago

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... guys, this post was made 3 FUCKING YEARS AGO, no shit you dont remember it


dude why are we even talking about that

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idk, but it was fun

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omw to beat the shit out of zennan 😃

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holy shit i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!1!!!!

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ahahaha ok


shut the f:redball3:k up

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