any death warp tutorials/ tips on how to perform?
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any death warp tutorials/ tips on how to perform?
Surrey, England

everywhere i look, there is either no tutorial or a clip of someone performing the deathwarp in level 4 without explaining it. can anyone help out?

Delta, BC, Canada

When you get to the first axe, there are like 2 triangle lines on the ground, base the player on the middle of the last triangle line, and jump when the axe is about to hit (must be atleast higher than the middle of the axe). And when the player dies, press "Esc" or "P" for about 2.8 seconds (or when the the celebration sound when you get the flag ends) and repress "Esc" or "P" and continue on with Level 5.

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theres a couple light stripes on the ground, just roll to the very right of the 2nd one and wait like 0.5s, then just jump and try to point the jump directly up.

United States

What i do is i like to go in the middle of the light stripe and get a little momentum and just straight into the axe then pause right after

Kansas, USA

reset at checkpoint then go to were the grass ends on the platform with the axes then when the first axe is all the way back (at farthest back position were it cant go back anymore and is about to start to go forward) run and jump and u should hit it then on ur detailed timer unpause when it says 2.8 seconds yw

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