Nife only
Chiba, Japan

I applied for a knife only, but it was rejected. Why?><

Vienna, Austria

hmm... I quickly overflew the runs, and I could not see a reason for a rejection. What was the reason for the reject? There has to be a text right under ur run, explaining the reason. What did the moderator say? Maybe I missed something. Like i said, I just overflew and not watched it in detail.

United States

In the discord, TheDementedSalad said that some YouTube videos are having a weird error message show up and the mods have no other option to reject the runs since they can't watch the videos. So if your YouTube video gets rejected and the video is still there, feel free to message the mod about what happened.

Chiba, Japan

Rejected: No video "This live event is no longer available.

I don't understand the error message.Do you mean YouTube ads?><

I reapplied for a new video.

Vienna, Austria

strange, because i can still see the video. I heard that mods needed to reject some runs, because they were not able to watch them, because of this same error. But its strange, because u still can see the video. Here i go with iiDynastyFTW. Best to go on the Village Discord, and contact the mod to clear this situation out :)

Greater Manchester, England

There was a big issue recently where a lot of youtube videos starting having a problem where no video whould show. This has since been fixed and I'll be adding all the runs back to the queue.

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