The collapsing ceiling skip
1 year ago
Île-de-France, France

Hi everyone!

I searched within the Forums and Guide windows but couldn't find anything about this. I am training for the Glitchless NG+ category and I want to know how to make a skip. This skip is done in the first house we enter after our car crash. We go directly in the cellar where we open a cupboard and then while returning on our steps, the ceiling collapses, stopping us in our game. I saw that it was possible to realize a skip, but I didn't have any explanation of how to do it. I tried to reproduce the same movements as on the world records, but I couldn't, the ceiling kept collapsing.

If someone can help me it would be great! ps : sorry if it's a repost


it is easy to explain the skip from the ceiling, doing it is the complicated issue only when you open the closet and the rat passes you have to turn and look at a box with potatoes that is on the right without stopping if you do it you pass without the ceiling falling if you stop you can make a backup trying a snow walk that instead of falling the roof falls but the animation does not come out if not you just advance I will leave you a clip and for all this always try to put the 30 fps since it comes out more easy like that at that time, and the most advanced people do it very continuously with 120 fps in discord all this is explained anyway , greetings and luck

Île-de-France, France

thx a lot !