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3 years ago
Shiga, Japan

Could you tell me the reason why I need to save at the final typewritter for the runs, please?

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It's the simplest way to prevent splicing, and the rule is not just for the WR.

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Shiga, Japan

I ran it on streaming

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Shiga, Japan

I think video will be proof that there is no irregularity for the runs. It's my mistake but I think that we have to discuss it with the moderators.

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I already discussed it that matter with the mods and the save rule is unlikely to change even though it doesn t prove anything. LRT does and should be the ultimate proof for a run to not be segmented when showing on stream. The typewritter can be hacked and easily spliced if someone wanted to

Edit: Thing is, saving is fine and adds more info to your run it should be encouraged to save at the end. But imo it shouldnt be a valid reason to invalidate someones run when streaming the game and having a load remover timer on top of that. You cant splice on re4 using Lrt, its very unlikely.

Thats why saving should be encouraged not mandatory and even less arbitrary. Exceptions can be made and should be made using common sense. Yuushis run cant be spliced. Thats a fact. Therefore his run shouldnt be invald


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New Jersey, USA

I mostly agree with Morse on this but I've told the other mods that I'm not going to get involved in making decisions for steam version rules since I don't compete and don't intend to ever compete on this version. That's also why I demoted myself to normal mod on here. I don't think I have any say outside consoles and the only reason I'm on this board at all is in case they ever need help with making edits to the board again.

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