Eryuelle & JoeKoh27
A modified version of the old RE4Counter which shows the DA, Money and Kills. This version doesnt check for potential cheat/trainer software on your PC. If you're experiencing any problems please contact either JoeKoh27#0760 or Eryuelle#1585 on Discord. (direct download)
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This tool shows in-game time, money, difficulty mode, difficulty value, enemies killed, deaths, accuracy. And shows: Del Lago will die in ? shots, Krauser will likely be ?, if archers and scythe guys will spawn in Waterhall. It also has trainer function to: set difficulty, max out Leon and Ashleys HP, set money to a number you want. I downloaded this tool from RE4C, but since the site is gone I want to preserve the tool in here. (direct download)
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I made an autosplitter for "Main Game" and "Separate Ways" practice. This timer will start when you load the save of the chapter end and is useful for practicing sections of village, castle, island, etc. Also, you must create the splits for the section you want to practice, and resetting must be done manually or returning to the main menu. (direct download) (external link)
A zip file that contains the 3 most commonly used bio4.exe versions: 1.1.0, 1.0.6 & 1.0.6 JP. Instructions to install and version descriptions included in the archive. (direct download)
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