[en/jp] Please tell me how to set up LiveSplit.
3 years ago

Hello everyone! (I'm using a translation, so sorry if the language is weird)

I'd like to use LiveSplit, but in [Edit Splits] it says "there is no Auto Splitter available for this game" and I can't press the [Activate] button. So I can't start the timer automatically. Is it something to do with the location of the file? (I'm using the layout from "New LRT Announcement") Thank you for your time.

みなさんこんにちは! LiveSplitを使いたいのですが[Edit Splits]内で"there is no Auto Splitter available for this game"と表示されActivateボタンが押せません。なのでタイマースタートや区間切り替えが自動でできません。 ファイルを置いている場所が関係したりするのでしょうか? ("New LRT Announcement"にあるレイアウトで試しています) よろしくお願いします!

Hesse, Germany

It has nothing to do with that. The script automatically gets downloaded once you activate it. You have to look for the name of the game 1:1 "Resident Evil 4", then you activate it and choose what settings you want. https://i.imgur.com/QIc2wYp.png


Thanks for the reply.

But I couldn't press the Active button even if I changed the name to "Resident Evil 4", and by the way, even if I changed the name to "Resident Evil 4 (Steam)".

[Image] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pq6KvyxPfCNQEc1M-jTt_M3JdwWKK0k9/view?usp=sharing


I think you must select (not type) Resident Evil 4 (Steam) and then the difficulty you're gonna play at. The autosplit option should appear by then and you should be able to activate it. Maybe make sure you are using the latest version of livesplit (idk)

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Yeah, I couldn't even do that.

But I reinstalled it on my desktop and it works fine now. Maybe it was because I stupidly left it in ProgramFiles (x86)!

Thank you very much!

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