1-1 Village Enemy Spawns
3 years ago

Hey all,

I'm new to speedrunning and I'm looking for some help!

So, in 1-1 when you enter the village, I'm having spawn issues. I go in, kill the first fellow, enter the building, frag out, grab the shotty/frag and head back down. In all of the runs, I see that the vast majority of the Ganados spawn over to the left, but ALL of mine except the chainsaw and maybe two others are spawning over to the RIGHT of the window you hop out of.

This means that I can't nade and hop over the fence, because when I do there's still ~4/5 left alive.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here?


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I'm wondering the same. It happened to me a lot in the last few runs.

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I’m pretty sure it’s connected to your position in relation to the logs you stand next to when shooting the first ganado.

If you stand behind the logs you will get the correct spawning of enemies, and if you stand in front you get the one that you described (maybe 100% of the time)

Hope this helps and someone could correct me because I’m not a NG Pro runner so I could be wrong :)

Edit : I didn’t realise this thread was made a year ago lmao. Guess it helps miku tho :)

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Yup, it helped me a lot changing my position. And i was thinking the 20mb recent update from the game broke the strat xDD

Thx uwu

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