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My friend (Achilles) found a way of entering the opening demo scenes using the reset feature on the SRT. All you have to do is wait for the screen to go black with the text on, press F9 to reset and wait. for some reason this causes you to gain control of Jill after the text screens have finished.

The first 2 demo scene's are pretty useless as they are both fairly early into the run and there will be a strange bug that causes any healing to put you in the danger condition.

The 3rd demo scene however has you start outside of the train with the dogs allowing you to grab the wrench at the start of the game and not have to backtrack later on. After a bit of testing i found that it is possible to complete the game from this state and the healing bug present in the first 2 scenes is not present here.

As of yet i have not found a way to replicate this without SRT and although SRT is currently allowed in runs, i have a feeling this is a step to far (lol) I believe sub 40 may be possible but i am not skilled enough to test it properly myself

Ive been sitting on this for a while now as there was a debate about SRT that had recently happened and i didnt want to restart that so soon.


That's something that it has the latest version of the SRT, that was reported on the Discord long time ago. Regarding if that's accepted, no because that's sequence breaking is only possible by a tool that allows you reset the game but doesn't work sometimes as you expect, also keep it in mind that the video must have the reset point and the full run that must include the difficulty selection and the IGT final. 😉

Things we found abusing of the SRT:

- Controlling Jill in the demo (As you mention)
- Change to negative colors (this one is kinda hard to do it's pressing F9 when you're entering to the dead screen)
- Changing the boss HP (If you load a game on Normal, start a new game on Easy - Press F9 and finally load the Normal save, the boss will have the Easy difficulty HP attached this one was found by @Mitsui )

Thanks for bringing this up to everyone, and we wanted to make sure this is not accepted on the leaderboards.

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@JulianJulian Pretty sure that last one is not SRT specific. Select easy but then back out at costume select then load any save thats on normal and the bosses will have light mode HP.

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@SymmSymm that fuction of the F9 is proper of the SRT that prevents doing the old thing we used to do which was closing/opening the game. That's how it works, if you press F9 without the SRT the game closes itself and doesn't save the difficulty you choosed.

Remember the only way for going back to the custome select is pressing F9 😉 without the SRT you must close and open the game and after that the properties of having light HP over the heavy are gone becuase you had to close the game.


@JulianJulian No, you do not need the SRT to do this trick because you do not need to press F9.

Go to Original Mode, select Light Mode then press cancel key twice (Goes back to main menu).
Load a save file that was in Heavy Mode and it will now be in Light Mode.

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@SymmSymm Oh that's interesting, more broken things on the PC version. I thought it was something of the SRT but it works without that, good pointing that one. 😮

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Hmmm... Why there is no such category using this glitch? I think it would be interesting for other players, but I am not sure. If you use demo glitch than you should run the game in a different way (at least the first third of the game).


It's a different route yes, and it's completable, but is not a lot faster than the normal one. A lot of backtracking has to be done, so the timesave in city is like 1-2 minutes.