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I recently submitted a run for the NG+ category and it was rejected because the PAL version is banned. I was not aware of this and was surprised as I currently have four runs in different categories previously submitted and accepted and they were all on the PAL version of RE3 and when submitting the details of the run in the drop-down menu for “Region” EUR/PAL is listed as a region.

So I would like to ask why is the PAL version banned and secondly if that is the case does that mean all of my other runs are therefore invalid and need to be removed from leaderboards?


what were you playing on?

because if you're playing on pc it's pointless anyway Japanese and Chinese versions are faster.

edit: just checked your profile and i don't know anything about ps2 categories lol


PAL 50Hz is banned on RE2. If the moderator is also moderating RE2 then maybe he accidentally went by the RE2 rules.

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Yes, that would mean that your other runs need to be removed. A LOT of runs go through the classic RE leaderboards and sometimes things get passed through. We discussed banning PAL about two years ago.

PAL is banned because it is slowed down to 50hz speeds and therefore can't be compared to other runs that run at the correct speed. PAL versions consequently also have a slowed down IGT. A far inferior PAL RE2 run can go neck and neck IGT with an optimized NTSC run despite not being faster in real time. Due to how easy it is to actually get NTSC and that TVs that accept 60Hz are common in EUR, there is no reason to make a separate leaderboard for it either; there are too many leaderboards.

Emulator NTSC is allowed, and you can also buy the JPN version to run on PSP and capture through composite/component. If you have a 60Hz display (I imagine most EUR flatscreens accept NTSC resolutions now) and a modded console you could also just burn a disc or import.