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R5 3600X
my TW EA ver game only on 320x240 looks like normal speed
others are very slow
compatibility and admin is useless
anyone knows how can I run it on 1280x960 ?

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having same issue here, not able to solve
please help

edit: found the solution

from another thread:

Load the game up, then press F2 and go to the Video tab.

There should be a list of GPU options in a drop-down box, choose the one that ISN'T "RGB Emulation". Click OK, then close and re-open the game, those shadows should be gone and the lag should be too.

If you still experience glitches, try XP Service Pack 2, some people say SP3 still glitches occasionally for them however on SP3 I have experienced zero issues.

Trust me, your PC is a lot stronger than mine and should be able to run the game flawlessly.


i have same problem. When i drop down box only GPU with RGB. There is no other options. I need help.


Droledian read up . . .