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I was wondering if I have edit script in resident evil 3 Chinese version I tried but I could not did not work there is a way to edit?


If you're talking about the ea Taiwanese version you need to modify the autosplitter URL on Edit Layout and of course, open the Livesplit with admin rights and that should work, i took the time for testing the script and works, however. I made an small update and i recommend download in the resources again (of course deleting the last one you downloaded)

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It's because my route, i wanted to change, i edit the autosplitter and the split somethimes it doesn't work some door don't make the split split.Because in the back of the train i go first in the Gas Station and after i get the bronze book .Because the split leaves the gas station last and I go there before that's why I want to change the split only in that part. I do not know if it's because of the game, but after the part of the train crash the split do not work so I have to pass by my self untill the part of the music box. Hence it works normally.I play the china version


For that one i suggest then:

1. Download the JPN autosplitter
2. Open and edit the .asl file
3. search the line uint current and edit the value with 0x13705C, 0x5ac;

This will make the JPN autosplitter with that route make work with your china version (the JPN doesn't use splits per each door so that will help more)

If you want to modify that asl file this tutorial is based for RE2 but works almost the same


Thank you very much. I tried editing for myself because I already had a bit of a script base but I did not get it