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What he was trying to say, in my opinion, is that, there was a vote already, and the other japenese runners were agaisnt it, so mods can't allow the gltool just because 1 guy wants, there has to be a majority. If you really want the tool in the japanese version, then have a talk with the japanese runners (not only japanese people, but everyone who runs that version) instead of creating drama and/or insulting people who puts efforts in this community.

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Okay. Please understand that I agree with you Komakino. I want gl tool for all versions.
But I think the Japanese version is mostly here for Japanese players. This is why I believe it is still on the boards. Why play Japanese version when you can play Taiwanese version? (Unless you are from Japan). The only reason I can think of is because you don't like GL Tool.

There are some "Non-Japanese" runners that play the Japanese version, but these players are not active members of the community so it is hard to contact them.

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I think that an environment where both Taiwanese and Japanese versions can be
played under the same conditions is necessary.

Again, I agree with you and so do some others, but they do not actively run this version. The Resident Evil mods and previous mods have worked hard to build a good relationship with Japanese runners. In order to keep a good relationship, GL tool was banned on their version. I think this is also why Japan and Taiwan leader boards were separated.

If you allow GL tool for Japanese version, I think this will only upset active Japanese runners and thats it. I do not think allowing GL tool will make people want to run this version. If anything, we will lose runners from Japan.

Sadly, I do not think GL tool will be allowed on JPN version unless you can contact other runners of this version and come to an agreement (Like you have been told already).

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It seems to me that there is a problem with the language and you don't understand a single word we say, you continue addressing the mods as if we had something to do with what the community decides, nobody owns this game except the community, and for now you are the only person interested in allowing the GL tool in the Japanese version.

The other mods talked with the Japanese runners and their opinion was very clear, they did NOT want the GL tool so you're the only one who wants the GL tool right now, and we can't change what the community wants just because of you.

Also I believe the way you're posting here is not very polite and kind of aggresive since we all been super nice to you but as I said language barrier is probably a problem, you put words on me that I never said.

As @SymmSymm said, only when you can come to an agreement with the other Japanese runners, then you guys can start a vote.

Also you have past history of getting banned from the forum repeatedly, please don't get into that again.

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If you want that, make a vote together with the japanese runners. They are the ones who are currently playing that version more than TWN and that's why their opinions are important. From what I have seen you are the only one who agrees, but the majority of jpn runners don't want to know anything about the tool.
This is the second time you post the same thing and we already told you the solution. Good luck with the decision.

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