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I posted something I discovered recently, I made a tweet about it on Carcinogen's twitter:


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There have been way too many first try locker code (0131) to a magnum for this to be true.

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lol but nah seriously, damn. Maybe just gamecube version? and if not then damn, I guess it just so happened to line up that way over 13+ times in a row lol. Crazy


I tested this many times myself, and it comes down to when you enter the room i'm pretty sure. it might even be as late as clicking on the locker itself


GL/Magnum is set as you enter the STARS room.

STARS code is set as you enter the RPD (door leading to RPD, info gotten from Dchaps) so they're not related.

Proof this is not a thing on GCN:

4011 - GL