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Sup guys, new to the forum here. Been trying to get my Dualshock 4 controller using Inputmapper to work with RE3 Sourcenext version.

Problem is, it works for the most part, but when i press a diagonal input on the dpad Jill does not want to run, so she kinda just stutters/stops.

Basically I feel my dpad is just 4-way not 8-way.

Anyone know a remedy for this? It's either this or keyboard controls, and I don't wanna play keyboard since it feels weird to me.



Solution to this is to download a program such as JoytoKey or Xpadder and map your D-Pad to the directional arrows on your keyboard

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FurryWulfz! Thanks it works! Just mapped the D-pad into keyboard inputs with JoytoKey.

Kinda weird though, as i have to still run both that and Inputmapper.


At least on Windows 7 for me, I used SCPserver for DS4 controllers.

On Windows 10, my PC just recognizes my DS4 and I'm able to use it with xPadder or JoyToKey without any other software. Why some need DS4 Windows and others don't I'm not too sure.