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My livesplit is not saving. Idk what's happening...

I performed a run yesterday and today my livesplit was totally unconfigured including my "pb".

ps: When I open the .asl file the splits ends in "//TREATMENT ROOM", like this... I download the autosplitter file on here.

When I finished the game, the split was still counting. Why?

When I finished the game, the split was till counting? Why?


something is probably comparing against real time instead of igt. its the only thing i can think of as to why its still counting

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Jake is right, while you're configurating your livesplit layout make sure select IGT (In-Game Time) in all the sections of your livesplit layout (splits and timer are the most common used) and that should fix that 🙂

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Everytime I enter in the live split I must change "real time" to "game time".. doing that the splits back normally... '--' but 'current pace' does not update, even "sum of best segments"... I will see what I can do here...


you should try to re-downloading the program, or erase any config of the hard disk


Luke, when you're modifying from rta to igt you're modifying is the layout of the livesplit not the splits in self, so before doing runs modify the layout changing the splits and timer from "current timing method" or any different you have to IGT, then save the layout settings you modified. If you do runs and get PBs you have to save the splits and the layout modified (which is mostly sure you're answering "No" to the 2nd question) 🙂