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There seems to be a whole heap of debate and mess around this and nothing seems clear from the resources section/forum.

What is the best CHN version to speedrun this game?

I'm really looking to get into running this game but would love some info on which version is best and how to go about obtaining said version.

I've read there is a superior Chinese version that runs great but there seems to be some controversy over it being legit?

There doesn't seem to be much info around this so would love some help/advice.



@yozmeister We're just accepting the EA Taiwanese version. This was defined in the last thread (you can read that there )

About the superior chinese version, this desicion was taking just for having an standard + this whole thing of having different versions of the game could mess all the leaderboards, mixing a ton of versions telling "it's legit" when neither the runner nor the mods can prove that. The EA Taiwanese version was legit proved months ago by @Enetirnel (which has a legit copy of the game) With all this we're not accepting other different ports of these 3 for PC speedruns:

- Resident Evil 3: Nemesis JPN Mediakite/Sourcenext
- EA Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Taiwanese / CHN)
- Sourcenext EUR and USA

Fastest version of the game?

Fastest CHN - JPN - PAL Slowest

Hope this helps to you 😃

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Fab response mate thank you very much.

So all these recent CHN runs then are with this EA Taiwanese version?

Next task... I just need to acquire this version then 🙂


Who can buy the Taiwan Version ?


can someone resend that discord link pls for get the right version?


@BahaholdonBahaholdon check the left bar down to the cover. There's a Discord link with a permanent invitation. 🙂


If you want the link send me a message to Bomba_Nemesis#3889 on Discord i can pass you the link @BahaholdonBahaholdon


Thank you very much for the help ^^ @Bomba_NemesisBomba_Nemesis @Julian


I am looking to start running the PC version. I own it on PS Network and still have the PS one disc in my collection. Can anyone help me obtain the EA Taiwanese version?