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I verified the speed of running both when Carlos switched to a hand gun and with an assault rifle without changing it.

The measurement section is from the chapel to the hospital's doctor stuffing station.

The result is as follows.

Hand gun 0:56.30
Assault rifle 0:57.10

The time difference was 0:0.8.

Looking at this, it seems that there is almost no time difference.

What do you think about this?

note: By avoiding zombies at the park street, I think that the bad performance when use the assault rifle affected time.

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Handgun and SMG seem pretty on par until after Chronos Door, which is when Handgun seems to get the edge. Handgun starts to pull ahead in the hallway after Chronos Door.

There's no mistake the zombies added to the timeloss, but handgun is unmistakably ahead after Chronos Door, before any zombies interfered with the speed.

Whether you want to put that down to doorskips or lines is up to you, but the two's speed shouldn't be compared if those two possibilities could've resulted in that speed difference in the first place. This is the sort of thing it is better to TAS.

Asked DChaps and these appear to be the values dictating player speed:

28 20 10 00 - walking
38 30 18 00 - running
28 10 10 00 - walking backwards
32 30 20 00 - running with a heavy weapon

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un-equipping the Assault Rifle increases turning speed

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