Where did this 41:17 come from? No twitch streams, no videos. Steam profile not found. From california.


Orch told me some japanese runners had problems with getting their runs verified, such a great run tho.


Yeah it's good and everything. But I don't think the video on YouTube is from the source. Where is this person streaming. Who is it?


The video is up on twitch. I assume this person is using a VPN to appear from USA? Probably streams on Chinese equivalents to Twitch.


Orchlon's on his videos, by looks of it Kappa

Here is that particular video on there:

Runner is: Xiaojie / 小杰

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Yeah this account was related to a runner from "china" called XiaoJie the last year. Long time ago i requested a video at least showing the input speed but he didn't have the chance of sending that to me until this account appeared and i found a video.

Incredible DIC easy to say it's fake, but hard to prove for everyone. Some critical segments like the menu at the clock tower are noticeable as human movements. 😃

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Sorry friends, I am Xiaojie from China. I used the vpn before, so there is a problem with the nationality, but the video is without any problems. Thank you for your attention!


We will play the most realistic results, remember me, my name is Xiaojie.


Orchlons 41:07 was a sub 41. Right up until the last 3 doors. Sad.


Orchlons is really strong, but no luck.It's okay. I'll pass him again


Just wondering huojian. What's that sound when you're doing the fuse puzzle? Sounds like an insanely fast dic


That must be done quickly, and it’s all slowly practiced.


No, there is only one key, normal operation.