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It's alright. I asked you something in the last thread @JinBiManTang and you deleted your same post. I'm just asking about answers to my questions, that's all 😃 is it hard asking answers? And please don't delete your posts like in RE3 Mercenaries. We can solve this if you answer.

EDIT: Your run is on waiting for verifying until you answer


Your video doesn't have a problem as i watched. I'll verify your run. Don't worry 😃 . But please don't avoid my question.

If i rejected a run of @maoda then why do you open a thread by him? or said in other words....

How do you know i rejected a run of him? I hope you can answer this


Sure, let him know please don't create different accounts. That's not hard to do, also edit one of his rejected runs and i'll check that.