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Hey everybody!

I would like to get a "Speedrun Tournament" going for RE3.
If the community would like to see one and enough runners join for the tournament, I think it would be an awesome experience.

As for the actual tournament, I had some ideas to make the speedruns a little more competitive no offense @wusscake 😃

To mix things up little, I would suggest in the categories being "Any%, Knife Only, Nemesis % and Arrange Any%"
RNG is a big factor of the game too, so a single Knock-out elimination bracket would be somewhat unfair.
The alternative to that, would be to bring in a
"BEST OF SERIES" or a double elimination bracket.
But I wouldn´t decide alone on that anyway.

I would also like the tournament to be dedicated for charity.
For the runners 50€ prize pool and another 50€ for charity!
I hope we can get something going!
Let me know what your thoughts are !

PS: Yes the idea was because of the RE2 Community´s Tour, just thought we could also make something happen.

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The RE2Speedruns channel was first made to stream runs and tournaments for RE2 for charity.
However if it turned out that the channel would get alot of support and views then the plan was to expand it to RE1 and RE3 and maybe CVX.

It seems that RE1 runs will already be streamed as soon as the current RE2 tournament is over.

Because of the RNG RE3 has it would be better to have a double-elimination tournament where everybody would have a 2nd chance for the finals.


Tourney can go towards shipping Komakino out to Capcom Asia to ask about Taiwan RE3.

He can pay for his journey back though. MVGame

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Yes. I'm for it. As long as I don't get called ugly by komakino again.

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Damn it. Well I'm not playing anymore. Gonna deleted my account as well. I'm ashamed of myself XD


I'm a cross between a zombie and chinaman


I think you look more like a "shakespearian actorrrr"