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User -Orchlon . category any% , game -Resident Evil 3 nemesis
4:09 magnum 7:28 grenade launcher .
luing and mounting.
please consider this speedrun and remove it from the leader and the community

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Like Nevs said, read the rules. The use of the Grenade Launcher Tool(which tranforms the Magnum into a Grenade Launcher in case you get one) is legal for the Taiwanese PC version runs. Orchlon's run is perfectly legit.

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It's legit it's a mod that allow the locker to only give Grenade Launcher no matter if you get magnum or Launcher. If you get magnum he will be grenade launcher the game will sync after a certain amount of time or actions.

The rules allow it to reduce the RNG which this one is the highest RNG reset point.


rip orch. what a cheater. knew it all along Kappa

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Thanks for covering for my cheats guys FeelsGoodMan

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