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I want to know what route you are using for this category, I have seen that some use freezing grenades, and others use fire grenades, however, which method is better?, if they could post the sum of their best with respect to the route, it would help me a lot


Sum of best on RE3 means nothing because of things like early/late powders.


Freeze vs Flame depends on what RNG you get after train crash. If you get early powders then you go for freeze, if not you go flame.


Thanks, but, wusscake always use flame rounds, even if he gets early powders, however, if i get early powders, then it is necessary to pick the minethrower for the last nemmy fight?


Wusscake doesn't always use flame rounds, he might've did a long time ago. Early powders is 2 pickups, 1 mixing, and 1 menu slower, save 8ish seconds on carlos skip, lose 3.5ish seconds on minethrower pickup, and save 2.5 seconds, but usually 4 seconds faster on clock tower nemmy fight because it's more consistent. And you save 2 seconds not picking up grenade rounds.


Thanks @Orchlon, I had no idea about that, you helped me a lot.