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Is it possible to use the patches for disabling the DRMs of the NTSC-J and PAL versions?
I ask it because:

1) If I try to run these versions on emulator (ex. PsxFin 1.13) and/or on real hardware, these latters will never run.

2) To know if also this type of patch is forbidden.

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I'd expect same as other resident evil playstation games that JP version would not be allowed on a modded ps2 with driver 1.1 because the game runs abnormally faster than it should.

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As @NulliferBonesNulliferBones mentioned, modding the game could afect in the time loads could be faster/slower depending of the console.

About the emulators @If_And_WhileIf_And_While in this game we're not very strict with the use of an specific emulator, just make sure mentioning the emulator and version that you used in your run at the comments section and everything's alright. Of course keep in mind that the emulator used has to be only for PS1 purposes and other emulators like Dolphin or PCSX2 are not allowed because they're dedicated for other platforms and they're too unstable and have insane/weird load times.

My suggestions for the easiest to the hardest are to use are listed here:

- Bizhawk (With mednafen core, easy to change this core)
- Mednafen (Almost ready to play)
- PXJin 2.0.2 (Using the JPN bios)
- ePSXe 1.9.0 (This one only works with the video plugin P.ePos 1.7)

If you have any problems with setting the emu, don't hesitate to post the issue here, and we'll try to help you 🙂


Thank you so much Julian about emulators.
But for all that concern real hardware... What can I do?
Do I must use others tools like gameshark for DRMs?
I own a PAL PS1 with modchip.
And for PAL version... is it allowed only on real hardware?
Forgive me if I'm asking questions like a crazy... it's just to avoid various misunderstandings.


It's alright @If_And_WhileIf_And_While 🙂 i guess there's no problems if you use the PAL PS1 with modchip, we could check if there's a big affectation vs other runs. (Before submitting the run, please share the link of the video of course)

About PAL version only on real hardware: Technically yes, PS1 emu accepts PAL versions too, the only big restriction is on PC where we had a leaderboards with a ton of TWN and JPN runs, sadly 2 runs done on USA sourcenext (a really bad port) and 1 EUR run done on PC, it was discussed we should keep just the 2 most popular versions of the PC.

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And about NTSC-J version?
How could I run it on real hardware?
I mean without using patches.


From what I understood, if his PS2 has the PS 1.1 driver it is not ok. if it has 2.0 driver it's fine I believe.
So pretty much if it's a modded fat it's probably not ok, if it's a slim it probably is.


Well... I know that this rule exists for RE1 on PS2 systems.
But reading the rules, it is not mentioned.
Or maybe it's subintense.


i'm pretty sure it will get brought up if your run is abnormally fast 🙂


That's correct, while is bringing weird load times, that would be considered, so far i think there's no problem with that. If you can test it out, that would be awesome.