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How about changing it to plain PC and changing the japanese version to JAP? Would be a much fairer representation of the community and the competition.

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I mean, the split doesn't really exist to divide competition, or for competition purposes at all. It remaining the default view should tell you that, already. The 'TWN' tag exists to emphasize that only that version is allowed in the 'TWN' section.

As for the initial reason why it was moved and put into its own section to begin with. Well, it's been reiterated in some many different topics already, so I'll leave that for a mod to explain if they so wish.


The abbreviation "JAP" includes a derogatory meaning for Japanese people.

"JPN" is an abbreviation for avoiding such a derogatory meaning.

I think that "JPN" is desirable in this place because we are getting along with each other beyond their country of origin.


I do not deny that the Taiwan version has more entries than the Japanese version, but I want you to understand how many Japanese people can not do even if they want to enter the Taiwan version.

Is it impossible to parallelize the categories of both "PC TWN" and "PC JPN"?


We could have PC (TWN) and PC (JPN).
That would mean that other regions would not be allowed and we would have to remove 3 runs from the current PC board.


Which regions are the 3 runs?


its on PC - Any%, Arrange.
2 EU and 1 US.


I thought that the category of "PC" was only Japanese version, but if there are other regions, please do not remove the 3 runs.


Why not create a seperate EU and US leaderboards and move the runs there, and while you're on it create a russian leaderboard, since you like splitting the leaderboards so much.

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Just make PC TWN it's own separate game on SRC tbh, problem solved.



@StevenMayte since there is no way the PC tabs will ever be merged again I would actually accept that proposition.

TWN as it's own game and make Orch the only super mod for it with full power to do whatever he wants with it.

I would be fine with this.


That's actually a good idea, except you guys take the japanese version you love so much and make it it's own game and leave the rest here.

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A good idea from the RE3 mods ?.... Am i dreaming ?

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There are far more non-twn runs on the board, pc and console. Would take too much time to move all of em also TWN was added last and is already separated and ready to be moved by an admin.

So TWN would have to be the one to go.

Seriously thou, would you like to have TWN if people were ok with it?


I meant, take only the japanese version, leave the rest including console, if it's too much work you're worried about, we'll help, it doesn't matter if it's added last or already seperated Taiwan can't be the version to go because it's THE version to run and it has to stay.

And no, everyone will not be ok with a TWN only game, we weren't okay with the split here in the first place, you know, in fact, just copy the japanese runs and create your own game, and we'll just merge back the leaderboards and have it the way it was, everybody's happy.

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Well at least I tried. Moving only PC JP is as ridiculous as when you suggested that the runners could submit their JP runs to both the PC tabs so you wouldn't lose competition.

Guess we have to agree to disagree once more.
The board will continue as it is for the time being.


You tried? What do you mean you tried? You suggesed something you wanted, and when the people who actually run RE3 suggest something else, you just claim "it's ridiculous", say "agree to disagree" and quit the discussion? No, this will not do.

Edit: Would you also clarify how it's ridiculous? It's much less ridiculous than having taiwan only game, which is why I suggested to move the japanese version instead.


Well there isn't much more to discuss is there? I came up with a suggestion for the thing you and a few have been complaining about since the separation while the vast majority thought this was the best change ever and you don't like it.

So what is your solution then? Merge the categories again and exclude Japan? Or submitting 1 run for 2 pbs which isn't ridiculous?

If you can't suggest anything better than that then there is nothing more to discuss.

Thinking about it, region subcat would work which would mean #BringBackPAL.

EDIT: Dont get me wrong Orch, I dont really like the seperation either because of there is 2 PC tabs but it was the best solution at the time and it can be improved one way or another,


> the vast majority thought this was the best change ever

See this is the problem, you don't listen or consult enough people, it's clearly obvious almost everyone in the RE3 community dislike it, but you think it was a great change because the people that surround you tell you it was a great change, which I assume are mostly RE2 runners or something or other (i.e people who don't run RE3).

Merging back the categories don't exclude japan, in fact it includes it, right now, if you're a japanese runner you can only submit to a secondary category that won't mean anything, whereas before you could get top 3 easily in any%, and WR in any other category.

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