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Suggested Route to remove Shotgun + Save Chest

Route Requires: One to no bite basement, One to no hits taken at first nem encounter.

RE3 Nem% Rough Notes:

Pick up Both AA at Warehouse

At Combo of Lighter+ Fluid, use one A
to make handgun rounds. Should have
45 handgun bullets

pick up A & B at save room before RPD

During Nem Fight when Reloading handgun
Combo the A & B to make G. Rounds. Should finish with 14 handgun rounds left.

Inside RPD Pick up A from locker inside save room
before the stairs. Combo AA together then in to g. rounds for 12 flame rounds. Left over 4 G. Rounds. Have to do this
to have room for G. Launcher, Lock Pick & FAS.

At Nem. Eqp G. Launcher, Combo Flame Rounds.

After Nem Fight: Eqp Handgun. Place 4 & 6 Grounds
together. Combo them in to G. Launcher

Save room at Garage pick up hand gun rounds off table.
One slot open

At Kitchen wait out event, use carlos as a meat shield. At start of fight if you had a good RPD Nem, the first 14 handgun rounds should be enough to knock him down first time. 14 or 15 2ed clip.
may have to waste one bullet to make space. If you're able to clip him & finish with fine status, If you have to pick up the FAS Pack, Reset. it won't let you pick up battery cable after pharmacy.

Save Room Pick up Crank. Inventory should be
Handgun with 15 rounds, Tool,. Lighter, Pick, G. Launcher with 10
normal rounds, Blue Gem + Crank, One Slot open for Green Gem

At Gas Station pick up FAS, Save for Power Plant Nem Fight. Pick UP AAA if you have to (you want it at the pharmacy instead)

At Power Plant Nem Fight. Normal Hand Gun. Use Explosive on wall. 14 hand gun rounds plus one normal g. round to bring him down, wait till he gets up. 8 Normal g. rounds to finish him.

After Power Plant before Garage save room, run past the car so zombie will pop out later
to grab the free G. Rounds there.Mix later for flame rounds

Everything else should fall in to place. These are just one run up to pharmacy notes.


LOL we haven't used the shotgun for no runs including Nemesis% since the category was created, you should watch the route that is implemented. The route that I see here is really old.