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When I get close to the zombie and squeeze the sight button, sometimes the zombie does not fall, but that's not the problem.When Jill gives a jerk on the zombie I realize that she soon after Of pushing it she does not know why but I noticed that with other runners this does not happen.Please if someone can help me. I realize that for this I forgive some time, I wanted to give the push and soon after that I wanted her Did not look and instead she could run.


That is happening because you hold the "aim" button too much, you have to do only a quick "tap", then, release the button and do not press it again. You need to be very precise.

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I just submitted a video tutorial on resources made by smallvillecs where explains everything about the dodgings, cases, etc. Hopefully this will help too.

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Thanks but, I played it yesterday and, I learned to do it thanks to the help of allancg. But anyway I'm going to watch the tutorial, there may appear something that I do not know

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