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Hi All,

We're officially opening the registering for participating in the first Resident Evil 3: Nemesis tournament, that will take place on July 6th.

If you are interested in participating, use the following link where you will find all the information of this. 🙂

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Why there are 4 players at round 2 if the torney did not even started? Seems unfair to me.
Everyone should start equally, from 0.


If number of players is a power of 2 then every player starts at round 1. Registration is still open so this is not the definitive bracket.

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As @refan2236refan2236 mentioned, the registrations are opened until this friday

@Rei_LeoRei_Leo This is not the final bracket, once the registration is completed, the system will sort the runners based in each PB, if the number is not correct according to the bracket, some of them will be in the next round (decided by seed)

For continuing the process, we created a separated server where is going to be used for coordinating the races with your opponents.

Server -

I'm checking the list of participants and so far we're missing some of the runners in the server 🙂 the runners are @EclairBoxEclairBox @nabson @ace12122ace12122 @scragglebum @liquidnightmareliquidnightmare

- If you're one of the following runners, please send me a PM for gathering more details about what are the issues.

- If you know some of the runners, we request your help tagging or mentioning them so we can contact for ensuring they're informed aswell.

I personally sent to the Discords tags of each user, but i have not received any answer so far, if you read this, you can contact me via PMs on this website, these are opened and i'm constantly checking them

Thanks a lot f your time 😃