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It seems that opening your inventory on the frame the barrier is supposed to drop allows you to play the barrier dropping scene and rope burning scene at the same time

i have not yet been able to reproduce this so it could have just been a glitch and it would only save maybe a second or 2 on runs with the medium barrier drop. Sorry if this is already known i did a quick search before i posted but couldn't find anything.

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Yeah, this happened long time ago to @Pessimism on a marathon

In this case we have 3 different situations:

- Late gate (when the zombies throw the barricade after using the lighter)
- This one
- Early gate (the zombies throw the barricade before using reaching to the gate for using the lighter)

It doesn't save time in the last 2 scenarios. The reason it's because you need to wait 0.7 secs before opening the gate after using the lighter, it doesn't open because of the fire. It saves the same time vs the last 2 scenarios basically.

How this one is triggered? as you said, there's an small window after using the lighter and the zombies throw the barricade, basically happens the 1st and the 3rd scenario at the same time. It's weird this happens, this is the 3rd time i watch this 😃

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