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Hello everyone
some of you might know me, and you probably know that i hate drama and shit like that... im usually not toxic towards ppl of this lovely community but this time i really need to expose something.
after testing to death each different costume through the years i ve found out that something must be done due to the fact that disco jill (special 3) seems quite faster than the other costumes and since its super ugly and only 1% of the runners been using it, we couldnt really notice that earlier
i ll show you guys some footage with splits so you can see me getting gold splits on straight lines just by using the costume

this is clearly faster and you can see it! i demand a BAN on this costume or at least make it a different category
ofc, theres no need to change anything for the runs that are already on the boards using special 3 but i'd say you mods shouldnt accept any new one from now on
if someone is against or in favor of the ban, just lemme know your reasons here
just don't try to take advantage by hiding information

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"Super ugly". This is literally my favorite one, I fucking love how it looks.

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Im new at running RE3, is there a way to get lets say 3 videos side by side showing Jill running with Disco and 2 other costumes. I was thinking about doing it myself but my movement is not consistent, also I was thinking a video like that would help define Jills "Disco" movement speed. An idea that popped up because I know your a expert at this TheNevs.

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this is a huge issue, i could have EASILY gotten record all along if i just used this costume! everyone using it has been cheating!

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yeah im down to do a side by side sir
also @JoydurnYupJoydurnYup they might be cheating yeah but i guess we have no proof that they knew what they were doing and i don't think there was any WR using disco jill anyway (except orch 41:03 but he pb'd right after)

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Oautentico has entered the chat

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and Xiaojie still faster than all these disco skin abusers, just facts

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Are we sure that this is the case across both MediaKite and ReBirth? Just tried this on ReBirth and it is impossible to hit them splits. Maybe it's an imbalance in the OG version?


This is true... I just tried comparing to my PB splits(which were done with Disco Jill) and I kept losing time.. But when I switched to Disco Jill I didn't.

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(edited: )

It’s pretty simple really it’s just a matter of hit box geometry. The flares on the bottom of her trousers allow the player to hit the door trigger slightly earlier than any other costume.

The rendering fix on Rebirth probably changed it that’s why you aren’t getting the same times Dave

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I think the fairest solution to this is to ban all costumes except for Disco Jill. This will make sure that everyone is on an even playing field.

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why this ugly and podre mlk costume not yet banned?

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isnt ok to leave that as the only costume cuz all the strats were made for normal costumes and maybe you can do new shit with disco jill actually


Disco Jill is beautiful so this is great news


sub 41 confirmed free. gg moe, all that grinding for nothing 4Head

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